• 17 March 2021

    ADEME International - Energy-efficient renovation: a pillar of the European recovery

    Just before the Covid-19 global health crisis, the European Commission had launched the Green Deal. Its aim is to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 for the European continent. This implies ensuring consistency across climate, energy, environmental, agricultural, economic and industrial strategies. The European economic stimulus plan increases coherence across these strategies. Specifically, the European Commission aims to speed up the renovation of buildings, something that has become necessary to reach climate neutrality in Europe. France of course is speeding up the energy-efficient renovation of buildings through the implementation of adapted mechanisms described in this issue of ADEME International. 

    In this edition:

    • Editorial: “Energy-efficient renovation appears to be one of the fundamental pillars of the economic stimulus plan”. Philippe Masset, International and Europe Director at ADEME;
    • Focus: Stimulating energy-efficient renovation in Europe;
    • Expertise: Energy-efficient renovation gathers speed in France;
    • Worldwide: Energy-efficient renovation: a major issue around the Mediterranean.

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  • 12 March 2021

    Ocean and cryosphere resources

    Discover new resources to understand the Ocean and Cryosphere.

  • 04 December 2020

    ADEME International n°55 - ADEME is actively working towards a green recovery

    To counter the impact of the ongoing economic and health crisis, the French government is putting together substantial support packages. In the short term, these are aimed at protecting society and the country’s economy, and in the longer term, at helping the country meet its environmental and climatic objectives by 2030. ADEME is currently actively working to contribute to these objectives. For example, the Agency’s new European and International strategy for the 2020-2022 period aims at deploying an effective and ambitious programme that integrates the Sustainable Development Goals, at sharing and enriching French know-how and expertise, and at creating and circulating best practices that generate economic, social and environmental value in the territories. This mobilisation includes continuing to support the improvement of access to sustainable off-grid energy and to discuss innovative sectors such as hydrogen. This letter outlines the recent actions implemented by ADEME and its partners regarding these issues.

    In this edition:
    • Editorial - « ADEME is actively working towards a green recovery » Philippe Masset, International and Europe Director at ADEME;
    • Focus - A regional boost for hydrogen;
    • Expertise - France is mobilised to improve access to sustainable energy;
    • Wordlwide - Access to energy: a springboard for entrepreneurship.

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  • 06 October 2020

    ADEME International n°54 - On the road to decarbonisation and resilience for Europe’s industry

    The new ADEME International newsletter issue is online.

    Presented in March 2020, the European Commission’s new industrial strategy lays the groundwork for the European Green Deal. It pursues three objectives: a competitive European industry, carbon neutral by 2050 and leading the way in terms of digital technologies. The decarbonisation of the industrial sector is on course to be a key feature ofthe future of France’s production apparatus. Industrial strategies, investments, public authority backing, development of regional cooperation… All these are essential components to successfully achieve this vital transition.

    In this edition :
    • FOCUS / A new industrial strategy for Europe
    • EXPERTISE / On the road to decarbonisation and resilience for Europe’s industry
    • WORLDWIDE / An international programme for green building

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  • 22 July 2020

    Awareness module for sustainable IT

    Digital technologies have a huge impact on environment: greenhouse gaz emissions, resources consumption… However, how to prevent those negative effects? Follow this 30 min online course to find out about sustainable IT. 

    This MOOC, developed by l’Insitut du Numérique Responsable (a French sustainable IT institute) and La Rochelle University, supported by ADEME, gives key information to understand the consequences of the digital technologies environmental footprint and the challenges of sustainable IT

    This module full of videos, useful information and resources to go further, can be completed in less than an hour. The full version of the course, a 5-hours training program, will be resealed in October 2020.

    Consult the page about the MOOC
  • 19 June 2020


    ADEME INTERNATIONAL n°53 - The ecological transition remains a European priority

    The new ADEME International newsletter issue is online.

    Despite the enduring public health and economic crisis unleashed by COVID-19, and repercussions that are hard to forecast, the ecological transition remains a pressing issue and must be part of our exit strategy. In Europe, discussions are taking place to adapt the Green Deal - adopted in January 2020 - to the current context, as is highlighted in this letter.

    In France as well, economic stimulus plans are in preparation, integrating measures that “The ecological transition remains a pressing issue and must be part of our exit strategy.” are part of the ecological transition.

    Aside from these extra efforts, new work methods and tools will also be necessary to cope with such exceptional circumstances. ADEME intends to take part in this endeavour and very much commit to its role as an expert, a funding body and a facilitator, supporting private and public partners. This letter illustrates its different work methods, collaborating closely with local actors on both national and international levels, through, for example, the support of innovative projects to increase access to energy in Africa. Aside from tackling climate change, these also contribute to the creation of economic activity and social value in the regions concerned.

    In this edition :
    • FOCUS / The low carbon transition remains a european priority
    • EXPERTISE / Climate change: territories at the heart of the fight 
    • WORLDWIDE / ADEME-AFD partnership: focus on renewable energy in Africa 
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  • 28 May 2020

    It's Time to question

    May 27th, ARTE, Upian, Yami 2, On Est Prêt, Basis Berlin suported by ADEME, have launched a special operation "Time to question".

    How do you imagine tomorrow's world? By taking part in this questionnaire, you have the chance to push the boundaries to imagine a world where your deepest concerns are heard. The aim is to give you a voice by asking you about the state of the world, now that everyone has understood the ecological emergency we're in, now that it's "Time to question" ourselves to make radical and necessary decisions.

    The survey is launched simultaneously in European and Asian countries, and will run until November 2020. 

    Answer the questionnaire

  • 13 May 2020

    Furniture Elements

    This document presents, in the form of an infographic, the 2018 key figures for the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Furniture elements.

    The data mainly concerns the marketing, collection and processing of furniture elements.

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  • 13 May 2020

    Recycling in France

    In the context of the necessary shift towards a circular economy, waste recycling followed by the reincorporation of Raw Materials from Recycling into production represents an essential pillar for the circularity of resources.
    How much metal, paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, wood and aggregates is produced in France? How much is imported and exported? How much waste is produced? And how much is reincorporated into production? In short, to what extent is the French industry "circular" in terms of these material flows?

    The National Recycling Report has been published by the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) since 2002. It presents the main evolutions of the recycling figures in France for various materials of the national economy: ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, zinc, lead), glass, paper and cardboard, plastics, inert waste from the construction and demolition industry, and wood. It provides an overview of the recycling status for each of these materials over a sliding ten-year period, as well as economic and technical contextual elements or information in relation to changes in regulation. These elements allow a better understanding of the current obstacles to recycling, but also of the potential levers to increase the rate of incorporation of Raw Materials from Recycling in France.

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  • 09 April 2020

    The EU Ecolabel, an opportunity to reduce environmental impacts in Tourism and accommodation

    ADEME launched the HETEL call for projects in 2017, to help tourist accommodations pass their EU Ecolabel certification. Thanks to this scheme, ADEME has monitored water, energy and detergent consumption and waste production for one year in 20 tourist accommodations and has assessed the economic and environmental impacts.

    Through actions on water and energy consumption, the use of safer detergents, and the reduction of waste production, EU Ecolabel certified tourist accommodations have contributed to reducing local pollution and their carbon footprint.

    This document presents the main results of the study. In addition, 4 feedbacks from tourism accommodations are available :
    • Energy saving lighting for a mountain holiday village: a guarantee of cost reduction!
    • Reducing tap flow and storing rainwater on a campsite: a direct bill reduction!
    • Moving towards a zero-waste breakfast in a hotel in Corsica provides savings.
    • Solar energy system combined with pellet boiler and in a seminar center: a benefit for global climate!

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  • 24 March 2020

    Tara's Educational Resources

    The Tara Ocean Foundation, is leading scientific revolution by experimenting innovative Ocean science on board their floating research laboratory. The research schooner Tara has already traveled more than 375,000 kilometers, making stopovers in more than 60 countries during 4 major expeditions, carried out in collaboration with international laboratories of excellence (CNRS, CEA, PSL, EMBL, MIT, NASA, and others). Supported by scientific expertise, Tara Ocean Foundation provides educational resources enabling to focus attention on environmental issues and bring into classroom all the subjects studied aboard Tara such as climate change, biodiversity, polar environments…

    Discover Tara’s educational resources

  • 23 March 2020

    International newsletter n°52

    The ADEME has for many years actively supported the development of renewables, from the R&D process through to the launch of new technologies, and from the planning through to the implementation of the measures and facilities that support them. This newsletter focuses more particularly on the noticeable growth of wind power and its potential, as well as on the benefits of crowdfunding to mobilise people and local authorities across the country and get them involved in the development of local projects.

    In this edition:

    • FOCUS: The undeniable assets of wind power
    • EXPERTISE: Community renewables : where are we at ?
    • WORLDWIDE: France-Tunisia: energy transition, a shared priority

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  • 11 December 2019

    International Newsletter n°51

    One of the main issues discussed at COP25, held in December 2019 in Madrid, was meeting the ambitious objectives of the Paris agreement. To this day, about a hundred countries have committed to reviewing their objectives by proposing a new nationally determined contribution (NDC) by 2020. Over 10,000 cities are actively putting in place ambitious climate policies, in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors. Also, during the New York Climate Action Summit, 77 countries, 10 regions and over 100 cities announced that they intend to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. All sectors and industries are concerned, especially the transport sector, as it is the biggest contributor to climate change in France (making up 40% of CO2 emissions), and responsible of one fourth of global emissions. In this International newsletter, you will find examples of solutions implemented both nationally and internationally to encourage cleaner, more accessible and desirable mobility systems, to face climate urgency.

    In this edition :
    • FOCUS : A French law on the future of mobility
    • EXPERTISE : Mobility: an issue at stake in the Eurometropole Strasbourg
    • WORLDWIDE : MobiliseYourCity: for a sustainable urban mobility
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  • 24 September 2019


    International Newsletter n°50

    The G7 summit held in Biarritz in late August and presided over by France, demonstrated that multilateral approaches and discussions are still very much necessary in order to bring a more concerted answer to current challenges. A number of decisive multilateral meetings, including the Climate Change Summit in New York, should be held by the end of 2019 to encourage the international community to realign its efforts with the 2℃ trajectory and increase the States' mobilisation efforts, as well as those of businesses, local actors, investors.

    In this edition :
    • Focus : Non-Interconnected Zones : 100% renewable objective ;
    • Expertise : Sustainable Construction MOOC: a learning platform dedicated to green building ;
    • Worldwide : Energy efficiency in buildings: the advances of the PEEB programme.

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  • 23 September 2019

    Sustainable development goals for climate

    As a United Nations digital ambassador, Elyx helps you understand ten issues at the heart of the climate crisis, which concerns us all.

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  • 09 September 2019

    Construction in tropical Climates

    In 2015, ADEME and its partners launched an international task force called Low Energy in Tropical Climate for Housing Innovation (LETCHI). It was formed to find solutions and optimize the energy efficiency and comfort of buildings and housing in tropical countries.

    Download "Construction in tropical climates - A network serving sustainable design"
  • 25 June 2019

    International newsletter n°49

    The European Union is a key international leader in the fight against climate change. From the '2020 energy-climate' pack to the climate and energy framework for 2030, the EU's objectives encourage member states to commit to strong policies to tackle climate change. These efforts have allowed them to reduce their carbon emissions by 2.5% between 2017 and 2018. However, it has been widely acknowledged since the Paris Agreement that the objectives set are not ambitious enough, that the implemented policies must be accelerated and that global ambition must be strengthened.

    In this edition :
    •  Focus : Spotlight on bio-based products
    •  Expertise : At the heart of the 3rd Industrial Revolution
    •  Worldwide : France-Japan : active cooperation in favour of the bioeconomy
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  • 22 May 2019

    Food waste : what's the situation?

    What do you exactly know about food waste?
    Why do we waste and how we could reduce it?

     Watch the video
  • 24 April 2019


    Urban Resources Management : making smart choices for the evolution of the city

    The URM approach aims to provide territories foresight and potential local opportunities identification to give decision-makers comprehensive and geo-localized evidence about anticipated and possible future change in resources consumption and needs, houses to renovate or build, citizens to host.

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  • 15 April 2019

    Summary of the IPCC report

    The Office for Climate Education proposes to school teachers a summary of the IPCC report with several activities to conduct in class.

    More information on the website
  • 07 March 2019

    Keywords : CLIMAT

    International newsletter n°48

    Focus - A second National Adaptation Plan for climate change
    The Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition launched a second National Adaptation Plan for climate change for 2018-2022. The aim is to kick-start a process of appropriation and mobilisation by local and economic actors.

    Expertise - Digital technology: smart city or sustainable city?
    Digital technologies have drastically altered our habits and are now transforming the way our cities function, with promises of a multimodal and integrated mobility, smart housing, innovative urban planning and sustainable energy and waste management. So, what do we really know about it?

    Worldwide - Mission Innovation: concrete results
    Mission Innovation aims to speed up public and private R&D investments in the field of clean energy. A preparatory meeting of Mission Innovation’s annual ministerial assembly planned for May was held in Santiago, Chile.

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  • 31 January 2019

    Launching of 2nd edition of the Mediterranean Climate Change Adaptation Awards

    At the occasion of Africities Summit, organised by United Cities and Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) in Marrakech in november 2018, the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management, ADEME, has launched the 2nd edition of the Mediterranean Climate Change Adaptation Awards.

    This concourse is organized in partnership with the Union for the Mediterranean, the Plan Bleu, the Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories (AViTeM), in association with the Association of Mediteranean Agencies for energy management (MEDENER) and the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE).

    This concourse, open until the 20th of march 2019, aims at disseminating and promoting adaptation actions in rural, urban or coastal areas in the 3 following categories :
    • Category 1 “Developments, infrastructure and building”
    • Category 2 “Ecosystems and natural resources”
    • Category 3 “Methods for designing and implementing public policies”
    Applications close on march, 20th 2019.

    More information on the website
  • 22 January 2019

    Sustainable cities in the french overseas territories

    This handbook is for overseas project owners in all disciplines and regions, including those outside the Overseas Territories. It highlights the diversity of potential best sustainable development practice environments.

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  • 18 January 2019

    Interview with Jacques Gamblin

    Jacques Gamblin is an author, actor and sailor. His involvement with Tara started when he recorded the narration for the first documentary on the Tara Pacific expedition. In this interview, he talks about his voyage aboard the schooner.

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  • 15 January 2019

    Education tool "The ocean and the plastic problem"

    Plastic waste are increasing in our oceans. This education tool created by Surfrider explains the causes and consequences of this pollution.

    Read "The ocean and the plastic problem"

  • 20 September 2018

    World Forum For A Responsible Economy

    The 12th World Forum for a Responsible Economy is being organized around the theme of "the challenge of regions and cities". Back in Lille, the event is set for October 16, 17 & 18, 2018. Three days of projection into the economy of tomorrow. Mark your calendar!  October 16, 17 & 18, 2018 in Lille.

    Registrations open in September!

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  • 11 September 2018

    One Planet Summit 2018

    In December 2017, the President Macron, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, and the President of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim launched the One Planet Summit to accelerate the implementation of the Paris agreement and engage public and private actors in the race against global warming. Facing the emergency of the ecological, social, and economic impacts of climate change, members of the One Planet Coalition called for concrete initiatives and solutions to address climate change through 12 international commitments.

    More about One Planet Summit in NYC
  • 11 September 2018

    International symposium - Individual air pollution sensors : innovation or revolution?

    The Association for the prevention of atmospheric pollution, in partnership with the European federation of clean air and environmental protection associations and the PhysicoChemistry of combustion processes ans atmosphere laboratory are organising the two-day international symposium "Indidual air pollution sensors: innovation or revolution?". The event, which takes place on 29 and 30 November 2018 in Villeneuve d'Ascq (France) aims to explore the following topics:

    • "What would be the scientific or political implications if a majority of citizens were equipped with individual air pollutant sensors?" ;
    • "Dos the fact that citizens agree to wear these instruments go hand in hand with public and governement awareness?".

    ADEME is taking part in the event on 30 November during a round-table discussion on the links between individual air quality data, behaviour change and implementation of air quality practices.

    Find out more about the event

  • 11 September 2018

    The underside of my look

    What impacts do my clothes and shoes have on the planet ?

    Find out more by reading the "Underside of my Look".
  • 05 September 2018

    Global climate action summit: contribution to the Paris Agreement

    The 2 Investing Initiative, ADEME and COP are co-hosting the "Global climate action summit: contribution to the Paris Agreement" event on 11 September 2018, in San Fransisco. Many high-profile speakers will gather to discuss the financial sector's contribution to the Paris Agreement, scenario analysis, target-setting and the need for evidence to back up green marketing claims. ADEME will also introduce the Assessing low Carbon initiative during the event.

    Learn more about the Global climate action summit
  • 01 August 2018

    Keywords : ENERGIE

    What about helping a Climate and Energy study?

    The EU has adopted a number of targets on climate, energy and transport for 2020 and 2030 in order to achieve its long-term goal of a decarbonised, resource-efficient economy by 2050. The EEA is looking at ways to keep you informed about the progress that the EU and European countries are making to achieve these targets. We would like to get a better understanding of the topics which you find most interesting or relevant to your work, the type of information you are most interested in, and the best way to present this information.

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  • 27 July 2018

    Public consultation to support the fitness check of the EU Ambient air quality directives

    All individuals and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Its goals is to collect views from stakeholders on the level of awareness of air quality challenges in general and knowledge of the Ambient air quality directives' provisions in particular and on whether and how the Ambient air quality directives have contributed to improved air quality in Europe.

  • 26 July 2018

    The seductive power of single use plastics

    Still tricked by the seductive techniques of single use plastics charmers? Get ready to change: learn how to resist their attractive powers and enter more sustainable relationship with: cotton bud, cup, straw, plastic cutlery, plastic bag, plastic stick, plastic bottle...

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    Learn about EU action on plastics
  • 11 July 2018

    World Cleanup Day 2018

    Millions of volunteers in a 150-country network will unite on 15 September to clean the world in a single day.
    Since 2008, nearly 20 million people from around the globe have joined the Let’s Do It! World movement. This movement connects and empowers citizens, companies and governments to clean up their countries of mismanaged waste. The idea grew out of a spontaneous national initiative in Estonia in 2008 when 4% of population came together to clean up the entire country in just five hours.

    Visit the World Cleanup Day's website for more information
  • 21 June 2018

    Nijmegen in Netherland awarded European Green Capital fit for Life

    The title of European Green Capital is awarded every year to a European city with over 100,000 inhabitants for its commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

    For further information
  • 20 June 2018

    International newsletter n°45 - Clean technology: 2018 overview

    This edition covers the 2018 clean technology overview release during the 9th edition of the National Forum for Eco-Businesses on 29 March 2018 in Paris, the strategies that are implement to help meet a low carbon society. Finally, this edition covers The Climate Action Plans in Sub-Saharan Africa, set up by the European Commission in 2008, for 13 pilot cities.

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  • 12 June 2018

    Renewable Energy : the French expertise abroad

    The French Renewable Energy association and ADEME have launched the first interactive platform for French projects in the international renewable energy sector. This platform promotes projects across the world that showcase French expertise with renewable energy.

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  • 12 June 2018

    International newsletter n°44 : The International Solar Alliance

    This edition covers the the first summit of the International Solar Alliance, launched by India and France during COP21, the assessment of Investments for the Future Programme. Finally, this edition covers the dynamics of MEDENER, the Mediterranean Association of the National Agencies for Energy Conservation, concerning the expertise of its team to speedup the energy transition in the Mediterranean region. 

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